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What happens to a highly skilled assassin when he decides he wants to retire but his clients think he knows far too much to let him go?  

To avoid becoming a target himself, our protagonist ‘The Magician’ will have to conduct his last hits in a way that will let himself and his closest contractors off the hook.  He needs an Exit Strategy.

 This complex and well researched thriller is told from the point of views of the key characters in England and Hungary.....prepare for a fast paced and tense rollercoaster ride through the violent world of those prepared to kill and keep on killing.

Adult themes and strong language, and a little romance too.



Released from prison because of lack of evidence, Jamison Willoughby is an outcast. He turns to Charles Ryce-Hardin, the father of the two twins, murdered by the Magician,

He persuades Charles to fund his legal fees for the defence of his innocence. Suggesting they both can help each other to bring closure to his children’s deaths and the murderer to justice.

Charles, an ex-colonel, has a small force of dedicated military men. The mercenaries capture the Kobay family and trick The Magician to come to the aid of the family. But the Magician is one step ahead of them. Leaving two alive, he gets them back to England with a message to all concerned - to leave him alone.

Willoughby’s convictions are finally dropped, and he gets his fortune back. Willoughby’s lawyer, Levy, uses a Bounty Hunter called Kyle to find The Magician.

Despite his plight, Willoughby will not drop the bounty on The Magician and Jagger and Lucie fears they will never allow their freedom.

In desperation, Lucie leaves Jagger and sets off on her own. For the safety of them both.



Jamison Willoughby still stalks the retired assassin, Jagger Gilchrist - known as The Magician.

This time Jagger has help in the form of the Bounty Hunter, Toni Moss. But with other Hunters circling, can The Magician successfully gain his freedom from his past?

When his wife is kidnapped by Cruz, the Magician comes out of retirement to extract revenge.

As he tackles all the Hunters he has one last problem to solve. Jamison Willoughby.

Willoughby refuses to drop the bounty on The Magician and so the Hunters keep coming. Inside prison, Willoughby is out of reach. But Jagger is not called The Magician for nothing.




A series of well planned, audacious and rewarding robberies plague the police. Themed around a Deck of Cards, the clues reveal the culprits, but who is the mastermind? Are there more than one?

A Casino owner with a penchant for younger women, sees his retribution at the hands of the con men.

A highway robbery of a truckload of money that disappears into thin Scottish air.

They hold an Italian banker to blackmail when his ultra-secure safe is controlled by one of the Deck of Cards thieves.

The long con, with detailed planning, entices the less than honest jewellery dealers.

DCI Dobbs is on the case and his preoccupied mind closes in on the thieves. It is to his lament he has the opposite effect on his estranged wife. But in this tale of extreme planning and execution, nothing is predictable – especially the ending.

Tension and misdirection, every step of the way. No one is safe.

Strong characters and imaginative heist form the basis of this whodunit, crime thriller.


This is true a story of two young girls travelling the Universe with only their smiles to protect them. Winners of a tour to visit the top ten holiday planets in the Universe. The stunning sisters, Winnie and Wander, find freedom of expression in the unknown worlds.

With a lack of discretion, one twin over-enamours Jonno Huutch, a local hoodlum. This sets in motion a trail of events that threatens to destroy them. Huutch now scours the Universe to get Wander. He sends his violent henchmen to kidnap her and after a series of misadventures - their quest is dramatically ended.

The twins are travelling with two assistants representing the tour management, who find themselves in their own special brand of new adventures. As money and time run out, what will happen to the tour, and the people still in peril?

The novel is more sensuous than erotic, but has a tour de force of imaginative concepts and imagery. The story moving from one bizarre scenario to other extremes of fantasy. Offering a wide range of imaginative environments, creatures and adventures. Poignant in places, sensuous in others, the tale brings a smile to the reader’s lips and a sense of wonder to the mind.


Lloyd’s accident leaves him with a head injury that transforms his life. From a very basic hand-to-mouth existence his new found and remarkable ability progresses him through to become a multi-millionaire.

He can move through time with just the power of his mind. He can record events, smell the scents and sell that information on to the world. But this comes at a cost. Each journey can be perilous and extremely life-threatening.

He befriends Russell, who is more in touch with the modern world and social interactions. He is the driving force behind the newly founded company ‘Chronos’.

Between them they find missing jewellery, record how the Great Pyramid was built and find the missing tomb of Nefertiti.

Not all their clients want just information, the criminal element wants a lot more. Suddenly life for the two young men gets very dangerous. Only Lloyd’s developing ability can save them.

A story that explores the past and how it can be perceived in hindsight, and how it actually was in reality. A tale of personal development, adventure, finding romance and discovering what’s important in life. Today’s the day that’s most important.


The war against the Chreech is destined to result in the annihilation of the humans left on Earth. But for the fortuitous discovery by one of the intelligent battleships, and its unorthodox action, the Earth is saved, and the enemy destroyed.

This extreme act leads to the discovery of a planet, colonised by humans, who have been forgotten for over a hundred years. Left to fend for themselves, they are without resources to make metal. Surviving with a basic technology and without electricity, they live as 19th century pioneers. The mystery of their banishment from human society deepens as it’s discovered they have defeated a high-tech Creech invasion - a century earlier.

Two rebel modern humans discover contrasts in the lifestyles of the two planets, but which is the better? What is the secret of the colony’s banishment? Dare they risk the wrath of their superiors to discover who is guilty?

A cautionary tale of mankind, split in contrasting worlds. Planet hopping for one elite group, living by candlelight for the other. A deep secret revealed that could change the whole Universe.

Imaginative worlds so different to our own, yet with beings we recognise as keeping human values.

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