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Available soon.....

SPLIT Whimsical  modern story
FOR LOVE NOR MONEY Romantic story set on an tropical island
WASTE MANAGEMENT An office cleaner discovers secrets
IMPACT People trapped in a car park
WHERE THERE'S LIFE... Post apocalyptic survival story

These short plays with minimal set, costume and props,
are suitable as 'Fillers',  Festivals, or combined to make a whole
evening's entertainment.
Available soon.....

INTERVIEWS Tense crime thriller
MARRY ME MEL Extreme proposal antics of a love-struck man
SHARON Office secretary turns the table on her boss
SUPPLY & DEMAND Sci-Fi story set in the future
CALL UP Comedy
CONFINED SPACE Bungled burglary comedy
IN DREAMS A woman reminisces, but what is real?
MANO ET MANO Two men want the same woman
REMINISCING A look back at the way things used to be
WOMAN ON BOARD Inside a taxi service


Available soon.....

STAND OFF An attempted bank robbery

I will consider commissions for bespoke plays.


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