I originally trained as a Technical Illustrator, producing cutaway and exploded views of machines and equipment for the aerospace and power station industries. You may remember the Eagle comic had one large similar illustration in its centre.

I started my own Graphic Design business, which ran for nearly ten years, but was hampered by the recession in the 90’s. I crumbled into to a permanent position as a Desk Top Publisher and Graphic Designer. From which I was gratefully made redundant and thankfully retired.

I remember writing my first story at the age of around 8 and have been fascinated with creating and writing stories ever since. I have written around a dozen novels (yes, some so long ago I’ve forgotten about them). I am unpublished, as yet, and now I have time in my retirement I am taking courses and trying to present my work better, write better and eventually sell my work. This is the reason I have created the Max Drayton web site. So I need many people to read my books and make an old man happy.

I am also an artist and try to find the time to create more visual pieces, especially in oils, acrylics, 3D paintings and alcohol inks. We need to fill the wall space.

I am also involved in amateur dramatics at The Barn Theatre Club in West Molesey, Surrey. I have performed in many productions and have written many plays, some of which have been performed. Currently I’m more involved with set concept and realisation for the theatre club.

I am married to Mandy, my ‘Trophy Wife’, and have two cats, little fat git and big fat git. I like to travel. They say the world is getting smaller, but as you get older, the distances seem to increase, proportional with effort. For a few years we owned a property in Florida and that is now sadly gone due to travel restricting illness.

I am anxious for the driverless car to be legal, along with Segways and free Netflix. So buy and read everything I have, before poor education reduces the population to people who cannot read at all.